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What Tomatoes I'm Growing 2019

Feb 4·2 min read
What Tomatoes I'm Growing 2019

With the onset of spring fast approaching its time to talk about what tomatoes I will be growing for the 2019 season. Since I am in my new house I am unsure how they will grow here so this year I am taking a wide approach to try and hone in what grows well here.

Cherokee Purple’ (Indeterminate)

Beefsteak. Thought to have originated from Tennessee this classic variety is probably known as one of the best tasting fresh tomatoes around. My favorite way of eating them is to slice it, salt and basil. Very simple but taste great.

Druzba (Indeterminate)

Beefsteak. It doesn’t get as big as other beefsteaks but man does it make a beautiful looking tomato. Red, smooth-skinned and very balanced flavor(not too sweet or acidic). When you think tomato this is what it looks like. Side note, the word Druzba means “friendship” in Bulgarian.

Green Zebra (Indeterminate)

Slicer. With a name like this, how can you not grow it? It has emerald green skin, with cream to yellow striping/streaking. The flavor is complex starting sweet and finishing acidic. The tomato itself is a cross of several different varieties the main one being evergreen.

Japanese Trifele Black (Indeterminate)

Even though it says Japanese in its name its origins are believed to be from Russia. Which begs the question who names these and why. The tomato is pear-shaped with green streaks at the top which turns into an almost mahogany color. It has a more meaty taste to it and is known to be a good canner.

San Marzano (Indeterminate)

Paste. By far the most famous tomato variety on the planet. Its widely considered to be the best-flavored tomato for sauces. The tomato grows in long and cylindrical that is filled with thick, dry flesh and few seeds.

Sungold (Indeterminate)

Cherry. The Sungold are nearly 1 inch round globes which turn a bright golden orange when ripe. They go great in salads or just snacking by themselves.

Sweet Aperitif’ (Indeterminate)

Cherry. Bright red tomatoes that have an exceptional flavor. They are thin-skinned and are crack resistant.

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